Khadija Glba Consultancy provides cultural consultancy services which include corporate events, participant training and speaking engagements.


As a cultural consultancy firm, we understand how complex the experience of ethnic minority groups can be, and therefore we can assist mainstream institutions to deliver sensitive programming and services to these groups.




For over 12 years, Khadija has inspired audiences ranging from school students to international conference attendees.


“I believe in the power of speech as a transformative force: it can change the direction of a life, a community, or even an entire country. My message transcends age, race, culture and faith to sow the seeds of change.”

Khadija Gbla





Khadija Gbla Consultancy provides a range of programs and workshops which encourage people and organisations to turn their attention inward to reflect on their potential to transform themselves and their communities.

“What a passionate, dynamic and genuine speaker! Thank you for sharing your personal experiences and insights with us Khadija - you are a powerful and amazing young woman!”

Rae Plush, Volunteering SA&NT

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