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I welcome enquiries about the services I offer with Khadija Gbla Consultancy.


For any publicity and media enquiries, please provide your contact details and brief description of your enquiry using the contact form.


For corporate enquiries, please include any potential dates you would like to book as well as any further details that can assist Khadija in tailoring her services.




Please provide Khadija with as much notice as possible to schedule in a new training program. Every attempt will be made to work within your schedule, however Khadija is usually booked 3 – 6 months in advance and does require sufficient notice to set aside the preferred date and prepare accordingly for the session/s.

For any urgent enquiries and short notice bookings, please confirm this in your enquiry and provide as much information as possible to allow Khadija to meet your needs. 




For a keynote at a corporate conference, contact Khadija for fees. 

For any international/interstate engagements, please contact Khadija for a quote as this will include an additional travel and accommodation fee. Khadija’s fee is payable in advance when the engagement is confirmed, and expenses (including travel) are invoiced in arrears.


For a quote to fit your organisational requirements, please confirm which services you would like to engage Khadija for and the length of time required. 

Success! Message received.

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